What Our Clients Are Saying...


"John you certainly must be aware that I do not speak up very much. I have enjoyed attending your Trade Room and sitting quietly in the background listening and learning. I have learned much and I do thank you very much for making this learning process possible. I did not undertake trading in emini futures as a way to retire or get rich; I was only interested in supplementing my retirement income and this has worked out very well. The time has come however to continue on my own and so I have decided to discontinue my attendance  and I hope that I can continue my short periods in the daily market with the same success that you have made possible.

So, I thank you again and I do not doubt that you will continue to be the excellent trading counselor that you have been to me and the other students in your room for the past couple of years or so.


Good trading to all of you…

James L. 

Paris, France

"Thank you for all of the knowledge that you have shared / pasted on to me. I believe that you love what you do and it shows, you are a great teacher. I have been through many classes that the Instructor has the knowledge but is not a good teacher. I Have been in business for over 25 years this year, and I have had three former employees go into business for themselves over that time and are doing well.  I believe in paying it forward (Knowledge) and that you are doing just that, and I really appreciate it."


Thank you again.

Tom T.

Yorba Linda, CA.

"I followed your instructions this morning to fill at the open at 1658.25 and take profit at 1661, so that was satisfying! I was impressed that you knew we should stay long, even when we had the pull back from 1665, and said there was a chance for 1667 which we eventually hit. But I see no indication of a level at 1667, and it seems to me there were a couple of Supply Levels to short like 1664.25 but they didn't drop there. So you must have special insights!
Thanks for everything so far!"   -Rod T.,  Palo Alto, CA 

"Great Trading day. Took a total of 6 pts. Took the bounce play and got out at target and then got back in when price retested target. Got out at I think the Gap area of 92.50. Thanks for your help. Have a wonderful day."   -Shar R.,  Idaho   

"Very impressed this morning. My pre market plan was to look for a possible pull back to bounce and go short. Exactly what happened. What was great for me was the re-enforcement you gave to execute even though your charts went down" -Mike L.,  AZ

"John makes things easy to understand. There isn't anything that is too complicated about his methodology...I have been trying to trade commodities for approximately 12 years..with Johns help I have managed to gain control of whats actually happening and let my winners run. Without Johns help I would not still be trading today. " -Tom P., Arkansas

"There are three reasons I stay with your services: 1. JOHN- John is a true professional. 2. Pre-Market game plan- Hearing John's take on what the market is doing is priceless and re-enforces what I am also looking for. 3. Classes- I love being able to access classes that I miss on my own time so that I am truly able to make my schedule . - Bill R., Nebraska