What You Get

What separates the small percentage of traders that make consistent profits from the majority that are consistently losing?
Successful traders know where the major support and resistance are prior to the market opens. But simply knowing where the market will go isn’t enough to turn a poor trader into a profitable one. One still has to have an understanding of how the market moves, learn to have patience, learn to be disciplined and avoid unrealistic expectations are just a few of the mistakes unsuccessful traders make.
Most importantly, a successful trader must have a successful method of entering and exiting the market. Simply put, you need a proven trading system.

With Johns Emini, you get all of the above.

Live Weekly Online Class-  Here I will teach you step by step all of  the trade set ups I take and how to identify the trades before they happen. Review the daily market to show you how the set ups repeatedly work with a high percentage success rate.
Live Morning Trade Room- Watch Live as I put the Classroom theories into action. I will pinpoint the trades as they happen live to enable you to get the repetitions needed to see these set up on you own. Watch as I trade the volatility of announcements, news such as Fed Rate and Non-Farm Payroll. 
Targets-  I will provide you my daily targets.  My daily targets have been hit at over a 80% success rate over the past five years. Take advantage of the bigger movements in the market by watching my targets hit...again...and again.
Archive Library-  Want you review a concept? My library consist of over 100 hours of classes teaching you all the principles and tools to effectively tackle the market with confidence.  Access the library 24 hours a day at your convenience. 
Learn our proven strategies in our live online classes then watch as we call out our trade set ups in live market conditions each morning. Don’t just learn theory…watch the trades unfold and learn how successful traders trade for as little as 30 minutes a day! You don’t have to take our word for it…sign up today and see for yourself.You will learn how to properly use our tools to execute high probability trades where in many cases your risk is very minimal. You will learn a unique proven trading strategy that works in any market condition. Learn how you can make money in a rising market or a falling market. Get access to our easy to understand video examples.