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Success is Built Over Time


Success is built over time

The great Peyton Manning just announced that he is retiring from the National Football League. This is a player who shattered all kinds of records during his storied career. He owns the record for most career passing touchdowns, most career passing yards, single season touchdown record, most career wins, and most NFL MVP awards just to name a few of the twenty-one records that he owns. Peyton played 18 seasons in the NFL.

With all of Peyton’s success, what many people may not know is that Peyton also holds the record for the most interceptions thrown by a rookie quarterback. Keep in mind that his rookie year was in 1998. Eighteen years have passed and he still holds the record. Peyton also played four years of college football at Tennessee. So some could argue that the extra year of college could have prepped him better for the NFL game. But yet, after four great college years of preparing for the NFL, the great Peyton threw 28 interceptions in his rookie campaign.

So why am I writing about sports? Sports imitates real life. As a youngster playing sports you learn to trust teammates, you learn about work ethic, you learn that when you lose it is temporary, and you learn to take accountability. Many people venture into the world of investing and trading for various reasons. What separates the successful traders from the others? Their commitment.  Although, there are guys in the modern era such as Cam Newton who came into the league and raised the bar with prolific rookie statistics. The reality is trading along with anything else can take time. Remember, Peyton Manning stayed in college for four years to learn and prepare. Yet, I see people quit trading after just six months. Peyton could have easily taken the route of say JaMarcus Russell (arguably the worse QB draft pick of all time) and gave up after tough rookie campaign. That would be the easy thing to do.  There was no doubt that Peyton understood the game but he also understood the mental toughness.  Trading can be simple once you understand how the market works. But just like anything else in life mental toughness and discipline is required. Mental toughness and discipline can also be taught. 

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