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John started his exposure to the financial markets in 1999 where he started his career at Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley Dean Witter). In 2007, John ventured into the Forex and Futures market where he turned from investor to trader. Futures enabled John to gain a true understanding of technical analysis as well as mastering the ability to make money in a bullish or bearish market. Armed with this knowledge and his thirst to help others control their own financial future, John started mentoring in 2009 and created his own trading room where students can look over his virtual shoulder. John puts an emphasis on understanding the psychology of trading and is better known from previous students for his ability to simplify the markets. 


Since 2009, I have  been sought out to teach others how to make sense of the market. 
I love to teach and through the years I have taught hundreds of students on behalf of  various companies and gurus. What I witnessed happening at these companies was mind boggling to me. These students were paying THOUSANDS of dollars to learn how to trade. The company/guru would then turn the student over to me.  If you know anything about business then you know I received a slice of  the total amount the student invested into their trading education.  Let me be clear that I am not complaining. As I said I love to teach, but one of the unfortunate realities is that trading is not for everyone.  It requires patience and discipline.  

I decided to change the way things are done. People need to find out if they like trading. They need to find out if they have what it takes to make money at it before dumping a chunk of their life savings into it.  I have created an online class room and a LIVE Trading Room here at Johns Emini where I not only call out the trades before they actually take place but also  explain the reasoning behind the trades.  This online Trading Room and Class Room is a simple method for potential students to learn without breaking the Piggy Bank.  Some students learn very well in a class room setting where others may need a little more hand holding. I can hold your hand. Either way, my classroom is a great starting point for anyone looking to give trading a try. 

What will you get? 

You will discover  my secrets. Then, I’ll show you how you can understand and follow every trade I teach and that, my friend, will change your life.

What I’m about to introduce to you is very different from what you have come across elsewhere. In the world of trading there’s a lot of madness going on. I know. When I first got involved, it was a nightmare. Still is. It’s a big, bad world out there and unscrupulous people are constantly trying to do you in. They lie, cheat and steal just to take your money for themselves. It’s a dangerous game but there’s a LOT of money to be made.

Right now, if you are trading or are thinking of getting into it, you are probably on your own or at best working with one or two partners who may or may not know what they are doing.

That can be a disaster waiting to happen.

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore because now you’ve found this site.

I don’t know how you got here but I have to believe that you found us for a reason. 

My goal when I started John's Emini was to provide superior value by educating people and teaching a system that works. Not only educate people who want to learn, but doing so at a reasonable price that is affordable to those who are committed to making their trading venture a successful one.

-John Nguyen